The THUG Fidget Spinner

Guru Machine Werks, a collaboration between Tom’s Tool Room and Greg’s Garage, is taking pre-orders for our first fidget spinner. Click here to visit the store. These premium spinners are serial numbered, they feature polished brass bodies, hybrid ceramic bearings and will spin over 4 minutes out of the box.  Our prototypes and serial number 001 are spinning upwards of 6 minutes when laid flat on a table.  Both brass and aluminum buttons are available as are extra bearings (although I doubt you’d ever need to replace one).  The buttons are held together with rare earth magnets and come off without the need for tools. All spinners are shipped with a custom designed CNC machined mahogany and figured maple box.  These spinners are made to the highest of tolerances and no expense has been spared to make certain they are the best product we are capable of producing.

I work on a lot of guitars so I made this neck rest that not only holds the subject guitar off the work surface, but it also has a place to store all my important tools so they aren't wandering around the bench scratch up the finish on the guitars under repair.

Every needed to cut perfect circles?  Me too!  I created my take on a circle cutting jig out of acrylic.  I gave it a ruler and an easily adjustable center point.  You can download the V-Carve CNC file HERE.

Holy cow...  I thought I was throwing money down the toilet when I ordered a $169 3d Printer kit from eBay, but for some unknown reason, I ordered it anyway.  Well, I couldn't have been more pleased.  The kit was easy to assemble and it ran and printed right from the sound of the starting gun.  Literally 10 minutes worth of tweeking and I was printing parts.  I would definitely recommend this to someone as a first 3d Printer project.  It has the same framework as the I3 and it has a GT2560 circuit board that is a merging of